Jah Device New Album - Love And Sacrifice (Stingray Records) 2021 

Following the successful release of the EP "Ray of Light" in 2019 Jah Device and Stingray Records have continued to work and are proud to announce Jah Device's Sophomore offering "Love And Sacrifice". 
Jah Device presents a well rounded 15 track album mixed with Conscious and gospel themes showcasing his musical growth based on love and rising above hardships that we all can relate to in these times. 
Singles off the album include "Give Thanks", "Friends", "A Lie Can Never Be True", "Sacrifice", which have featured on previous Stingray riddim compilations. 
On this album Device was determined to meet the high expectations of fans home and abroad.In doing so, he teamed up with veteran artists Anthony Red Rose and Michael Buckley on "Love Signal" and "Sacrifice" and also included is his duet with Natty King "Ships of Tarshish"which featured on his EP "Ray of Light" that got  rave reviews. 
The album features 10 brand new tracks which will definetly quench the thirst of reggae lovers who want to hear new material from Device. 
Born Vincent Kaweng Nyam a.k.a. Jah Device or Device of AHAYAH (Hebrew word: I AM THAT I AM) is a Nigerian Reggae Musician, songwriter, and producer who is currently based in Jos (Nigeria). His rise to prominence came with the critically acclaimed Revive Justice song which was well received by the general public. This drew the attention of Germany’s Goethe Institute prompting his involvement in its Ten Cities Project. This collaborative effort gave birth to another hit song "Work" which featured renowned Nigerian percussionist Wura Samba and produced by legendary British producer Rob Smith. His versatility and crossover appeal was quite evident when the song became an instant hit in Europe and featured prominently on various European Dance Music charts. 
Device’s style of reggae is often compared to that of the late great reggae music icon, Dennis Emmanuel Brown and perhaps the song that encapsulates that feel the most is "Enough Is Enough". This classic in the making marked the coming of age of Device. The songs thought provoking lyrical content mixed with melodic, harmonious lines, laced over pulsating live beats showcased what many have optimistically welcomed as the dawning of a new era for reggae music on the continent. It is also the lead song to the sound track of the Chibok Girls adoption documentary. 

"Love And Sacrifice" Is a body of work  that encapsulates the beliefs and the musical direction of Jah Device.

Device says "The love of The Most High is all we should seek in these times. And a sacrifice for the sanctity of the family cannot be over emphasised because the scripture says in Jeremiah 30:7... These are the days of Jacob's trouble". 


Release date: 19th March 2021





Track Listing:

1. Tamed Slave

2. Friends

3. Let It Rain

4. Sacrifice feat Michael Buckley

5. Comfort ye

6. Love Signal feat Anthony Red Rose

7. A Lie Can Never Be True

8. Signs Of The Times

9. Bye Bye Babylon

10. Give Thanks

11. We Will Overcome

12. Trumpet Sound

13. Ships Of Tarshish feat Natty King

14. Outta Fire

15. Welcome

Jah Device Feat Eunice - My KIng My Queen (ShartyB Production) 

Dennis Brown's "Angel in Disquise" was released in 2020 courtesy of ShartyB Production, on hearing the track Jah Device was moved by it. 
Being a Dennis Brown fan and admirier of his legacy he felt he needed to write a follow up to this beautiful song. 

He wrote and recorded a demo track which was heard by ShartyB (Laughton Davidson) and he was more than impressed with Device's take on the riddim track and proceeded to Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica to get it mixed and subsequenty mastered at Anchor Studios. 
"My King My Queen" features Eunice who is Jah Device's wife who has been instrumental to his sound as she does all the harmonies on his songs.
Device says "As you know I'm a big promoter of the family as a unit of the kingdom, so my queen and I thought we should share the formula in a song"

Executive Producer: Laughton Davidson 
Recorded at: Jah Device Studios,Jos, Plateau State,Nigeria 
Mixed at Tuff Gong Jamaica 
Mastered: Anchor Studios Jamaica 
Label: ShartyB Records 
Produced by: Jah Device 
Published: ShartyB Production

The song was released on all digital platforms on 28th Dec.2020 .


La La Riddim Compilation EP 2021 (Stingray Records) 

When you listen to this riddim you will be reminded of either Teena Marie who did the original "Ooh La La" in 1988 or Dennis Brown's cover from 1999. Stingray Records UK have a history of revamping classic riddim tracks and bringing it forth to a new generation of reggae listeners. 
The first time I heard the "relick" of the riddim was Norrisman's "Sweet Thing" which featured on his album "Emerge" which was released in 2020 . There was a inner feeling that I hadnt heard the last of this riddim track and here we are. 

The 5 track riddim compilation EP starts off with the Big Ship Captain Freddie "Ever Ready" Mcgregor with a beautiful track entitled "Thats the way its supposed to be". A smooth delivery from Freddie as we have become so accustomed too from the veteran singer. 

Next up we have what I can only describe as the new skool meets the old skool or Nigeria meets Jamaica. Jah Device & Michael Buckley put together a powerful song entitled "Sacrifice"and it zones in on the importance of family values.

Then comes the aforementioned "Sweet Thing" by Norrisman who never disappoints on lovers rock themes. 

I was told that Maurice "Stingray" Mcleod asked if anyone had done a rendition of the actual "ooh La La" when he heard the riddim track and the answer was "No". Yashema Mcleod steps up and does a beautiful rendition and I have to say she nailed it. The song also features on her debut album "Awakening"

The final entry is an interesting one by upcoming sensation out of Jamaica 1Mr.Smooth with a song called "Missing You". 1Mr.Smooth caught peoples attention with his song "Russian Roulette" which did the rounds in 2020. Currently working on his debut album so we are sure to hear more from this brother. 

The La La Riddim is here and will be released on the 15th January 2021 on all digital platforms distributed by Zojakworldwide.

Dennis Brown Is Back With New Single  


Dennis Brown is arguably the most imitated Jamaican vocalist, so revered are his vocal talents. artists like Luciano, Frankie Paul, Bushman, George Nooks, Natty King just to name a few have fallen from the Dennis Brown vocal tree. 
His smooth baritone has not only endeared him to a wide international audience but has attracted a fan base including the legendary Bob Marley who listed the Reggae balladeer as his favourite artiste. 
With over  80 albums to his name (excluding compilation albums) you would think that every Dennis Brown song is already out there for fans to love and enjoy. 
But 21 years after his passing a brand new Dennis Brown  single has been released courtesy of Laughton Davidson of Sharty B Productions out of Canada entitled "Angels in Disquise". 

Dennis laid the vocals down at Mixing Lab studios while the instrumentaion was recorded at Gussie Clarkes Anchor Studios, the Mixing was done at Tuff Gong Studios all in Jamaica.
Dennis delivers a beautiful vocal and I have to say I loved it from the first time I heard it, whether its due to  nostagic reasons or to the mere fact that its just a great song I'm not sure. 
I can only suggest that you take a listen for yourselves and draw your own conclusions, released August 28th  2020 and available on all digital platforms


Since the inception of the internet the "culture of freeness" has grown to levels that no one could have anticpipated, this is not to say that people dont buy music anymore but the "cop for free" attitude heavily outweighs the attitude to buy and own music especially when it relates to a marginalised genre like reggae and dancehall reggae. 

Back in the day moving units was the way to determine if an album was doing well but now the dynamic has changed and its all about hype and streaming stats whether it be Youtube views or Spotify numbers. 
Bottomline music doesnt sell the way it use to and when you check the sales figures for Reggae albums its pretty much embarrasing when compared to other genres. This begs the question why reggae artists or artists in general still put out albums? 

1. More Mileage Over singles: 
A single gives you temporary hype and is mainly used to keep fans satisfied inbetween projects, but when it comes to media placements and radio play nothing beats an album. 
When a on air personality is presented with a body of work it makes his/her life much easier as you have a variety of songs to choose from. 

2. Many Moods of an Artiste 
An album allows an artist to be more creative and delve into avenues he wouldnt usually do. Usually a single covers one mood either it be a love song or a conscious song but when doing an album it leaves room for an artist to express himself more so you end up with a much more rounded theme. 
Listeners these days may have playlists or mixtapes they listen too daily but a true music fan turns to albums to capture the essence of an artist by expiriencing different moods of an artist in one place.

3. Bookings. 
Its much easier to book an artist who has an album over an artist who is littered with singles, an artist with an album seems to be more of a serious artist over an artist with singles (this might not always be the case). Perception is a hell of a thing! 
Promoters looking for talent to fill a 30 min spot will get a better idea of what they are going to get from an artist when they listen to albums. This arguement although can be countered by the fact that some promoters these days have no clue about the artists catalog and the only driving factor they are interested in is the hype around the individual...."Oh Well" 

At the end of the day an artist will do what works for them but bear in mind in the long run an artist is judged by his/her body of work and the best way to present a body of work is in the form of an album whether it sells or not