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Okay so, while I'm still preeing wah a gwaan inna di reggae circuit back a yard Jamaica from far with discontent due to this new 'experimental' trend pundits have come to explain away with one word - 'evolution', I got to really discover how much I've been missing out with my fixation on developments in Jamaica when many artistes and producers outside of JA actually stick to the foundation - the 'roots'.

One of such names is Zigedub (Don't be fooled by his name, he isn't Wayne Lonesome that specializes in dub-cutting, neither is he focused on Dub Reggae - that art form of scanty 'sawn-off vocals on fading loops spinning on versions (or what a novice would call 'instrumentals'). Zigedub is much more than all of that, he wears so many caps on his intellectual head (yet always wears one on his display pictures). Zigedub is an On Air Personality, a Pundit and a Producer -  Stingray Records Associate (last time I checked) as well as so much more. Anyway this is not a Zigedub citation. This is about his new project aptly titled Rudiments Riddim

The riddim is indeed a reminder to those who  perhaps distracted by the frenzy of fusion/hybrid experimentation, have forgotten about the rudiments of Reggae.Reminder, cos it does sound familiar , innit? I thought it was too...but couldn't quite  tell where I heard something similar until I visited and there it was; a re-work of same bass line Cornell Campbell classic "Queen of the minstrels" was recorded on.  I love reprised riddims, one of them (Dutty Money Riddim; a reworked or some might argue, an exact replica of Go-Go Club Riddim) is presently taking Dancehall by storm.

Rudiments open with Troy Anthony 'International Love'. A call for people to turn a new leaf; away from vices and schemes that threaten the bond we ought to share, regardless of differences in race, creed, religion or political affiliations. I love the song, delivery is like Everton Blender and Luciano in one person. Not saying he sounds like those greats, he just reminds you of them in his own unique way. It's my second best cut on the project.

Next is (I actually played the first track a couple of times before I hit the Next button) is Sabrina Diva with 'Ital Love'. I love the song, especially how she hit the modulation button while transitioning to the hook from the verses and if cupid could wail, I guess a part of this song could probably suffice for that... sonically. I need to listen to other materials from her. The song is also my second best song on the see, I got a tie for runners up (if riding the riddim were a contest)

In comes di tune called 'I Thank Jah'  by Steve Santana. Is he related to Mad Sam? Something similar in their voice texture, except for the fact that Mr Santana is slightly closer to a Barry White on a vocal scale  than the former.

Jah Device. Now, this is interesting. I'm perhaps more familiar with this brother's catalogue than everyone else's on the project. I love how he opened the song. The intro gave me that "this song is gonna be fire as usual' feeling but it kinda tapers off after that. I can't pin-point why I'm scoring it slightly above average instead of excellent as most of his songs are. Could it be Jah Device throwing in patois that hits slight differently from his economical use of the lingo in other jams or the fact that I feel he slightly over-played backing vocals? Maybe it should have been deployed more sparingly. I know Jah Device, artistically speaking (not in person) and I perhaps expected more. This brother dropped the best Gospel Reggae song I heard in 2023

Nyha is next with 'Love Yourself ". Message  remind me of a Mr Vegas song of same title . Good song. Some Dennis Brown texture in his vocals (and he ain't the only one on this project that has that ingredient )

It's gonna be alright by Daddy West has got to be my best on project. I love how the backing vocals are chimed in intermittently at some points and generously in others.

There's a bridge in this song, did you notice it (around 2:11 - 2:17 mark)? Did other tracks have this? Oh they did? I guessed I missed them. Message is key but it is some other minute details like this that actually blow me away (I guess I am in the minority, most reggae pundits come to define reggae solely on the basis of message/lyrics whereas I study harmony/melodies and structure more)

Ablewell Foundation did okay on 'Jah Love'  but I didn't quite put it on repeat like I did others.


Overall, this project is a solid material for the lovers of Classic Reggae

Hail Up

Jah Device

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“Hail Up” can be classed as a reggae gospel anthem on a classic reggae riddim. The riddim is a rework of the late Eddie Fitzroys hit track “First Class Citizen” produced by The Musical Ambassador Trevor Elliot released in 1983.

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Roadblock Riddim 2023

release date: 10/02/2023

The inspiration behind the Roadblock Riddim 2023 is taken from Rappa Roberts single released in 1983 in the UK  on the ethnic label with Moja who sang  "Mek We Rock" and Rappa did the DJ part called "Roadblock" .
Reggae connossieurs  will know the actual original riddim was  released on the  Treasure Isle label in 1978 on a  song called "Baby Love" by the Sensations.

The Roadblock Riddim is a follow up riddim to the Early Warm Riddim Vol.1 and Vol .2 which  also features talented voices from around the world.

1.Roger Robin -  She Rocks
2.Peter Spence - Dirty Life
3.Jah Device - It A Go Dread
4.Shamir Tadeiya - Count Me In
5.Sabrina Diva -  Closer
6.Sherida Sharpe - Smile
7.Publik Report - No I cant
8.Exilent - Crazy Love

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