Name is Roger Anthony Grizzle, I was born in Wolverhampton on 03 of January 1974, making me by the 12 tribes a Naphtali, or a Capricorn in Greek mythology.

Coming from a West Indian back ground going to church as a child was something that was ingrained into our household, this is where I first honed my musical ability singing with my brothers. Whilst at church we became known as the Grizzle brothers which is something that has stayed with us through later life. we went from singing in church to progressing on to conventions all the while keeping the faith we were raised with.

 Having left singing in church at around 14 years of age (1988) I met up with a local man that had a sound called Motivate his name was Fathead Judah. In the late eighties sound clashes were something that drew my attention, I was captivated by the culture and music so decided that this was something I wanted to get involved in. Fathead gave me the opportunity to join Motivate as a Mic Man and this is where I began developing my skill set writing lyrics to everything and anything that had a beat. During my time with Fathead I gave myself the name Pupa Demus. Fathead asked me if singing was something that I could do and me being me trying to be humble I said a little. I sang for Fathead and when he heard me he said “Yuete a so yuh bad” and from then until now I haven’t stopped singing!!!!

 In my late teens 18/19 (1992/93) I had gone to the local fair at west park (Wolverhampton) with a few friends and some guys had came there looking for me. One of my friends said “Rabbit dem man over there are looking for you” (by now by sound name had changed from Pupa Demus to Roger Rabbit) next thing the group were there asking my name! Being 19 and young my first thought was they wanted trouble, little did I know that this encounter would be the start of something great. “Are you Roger Rabbit” they said again. “Yeah who wants to know!” Yes Rabbit we’ve heard you sing and want you to join us, we’re Bass Crew from Brum said Blacka Dan.

Me and Blacka became partners in crime, he released a few hit tunes in the early 90s one of his main ones was Flick Flick Flash Up Unnu Lighter.

 This connection brought on some brilliant opportunities I was introduced to Naptai who I realised many tunes with under his label Yard Beats. Additionally I released tunes under my own label World Movements.

I went to London and recorded at Soul to Soul Studio in Camden, at the studio I was introduced to people like, Jazzy B, Karen Wheeler and the rest of the Soul to Soul Family. During this time I changed my name again from Roger Rabbit to Nyha.

 It was in the Soul to Soul studio that I  voiced all of my early songs.

 Go Through and Stay Humble

Momma I’m Sorry,

Love the Children,

Markus Garvey Warn Dem,

 The tracks were built by Mafia and Fluxy in those days as well as Sylvia Tella, which to me I deemed a real privilege to have people like this around me.

 I performed in Birmingham, London, Wales, Italy and Spain, me Nyha from little Wolverhampton had the opportunity to see places I hadn’t dreamed of, doing something I loved.

Whilst at the soul to soul studio I was introduced to Mr Palmer from Jet Star, Mr Palmer said that he would like me to do an album for him, as it happens things didn’t work out this way however I did perform at his birthday with some of Jamaica’s and the UK’s finest Singers.

 After Mr Palmers birthday I decided to stop with the music for a while, I wasn’t enjoying the experience anymore, the vibe had somewhat changed there seemed to be a lot of negativity around the UK and this just wasn’t for me.

3/4 years later I was introduced to someone that brought the good musical vibe back to me and made me want to sing again, this person was Joe G from Lewisham/Peckham.

 Joe G reignited my musical instincts and wanted to work with me his energy was right and we set about getting into the studio and releasing some tracks. We released good Reggae Music like

 Woman You

One Love

In Times Like This

All Praises

To name just a few!

After working with Joe I decided to then take some time out and focus on my family and personal life.

 I have a cousin called Bullet who is an international Reggae DJ he plays all over the world. Being family and supportive Bullet would push my music  whatever platform he was on be it in a Dance, Radio Station or someone’s studio.

 By Bullet doing this it has led me on to another opportunity this time with Pekings. Myself and Bullet went down to London to meet Pekings at his house where Pekings told me he wanted to work with me. (This was yet another Privilege I had received)

We reasoned and again I had found someone who’s energy inspired me to want to sing again and come out of retirement for a second time.

I am now ready to hit the music scene again with Pekings, the energy is right the vibes are good and I’m looking forward to what the future holds. We’re not just working an album together we have many tracks coming out with myself and Pekings.

 I’ve recently  voiced from Stingray Studio with Dilly the Big Man Himself, to also voicing at one of the West Midlands finest state of the art studios in APS.

 The latest work I have collaborated on is with a new producer called ZigeDubs who again I was introduced by my family Bullet Movements. Zige is another person within the music industry that has good energy. So look out for up and coming reggae tunes from ZigeDubs Label.

Watch out for the new single entitled "Love Yourself" on the Rudiments Riddim dropping early 2024

Hail Up

Jah Device

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“Hail Up” can be classed as a reggae gospel anthem on a classic reggae riddim. The riddim is a rework of the late Eddie Fitzroys hit track “First Class Citizen” produced by The Musical Ambassador Trevor Elliot released in 1983.

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Roadblock Riddim 2023

release date: 10/02/2023

The inspiration behind the Roadblock Riddim 2023 is taken from Rappa Roberts single released in 1983 in the UK  on the ethnic label with Moja who sang  "Mek We Rock" and Rappa did the DJ part called "Roadblock" .
Reggae connossieurs  will know the actual original riddim was  released on the  Treasure Isle label in 1978 on a  song called "Baby Love" by the Sensations.

The Roadblock Riddim is a follow up riddim to the Early Warm Riddim Vol.1 and Vol .2 which  also features talented voices from around the world.

1.Roger Robin -  She Rocks
2.Peter Spence - Dirty Life
3.Jah Device - It A Go Dread
4.Shamir Tadeiya - Count Me In
5.Sabrina Diva -  Closer
6.Sherida Sharpe - Smile
7.Publik Report - No I cant
8.Exilent - Crazy Love

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