After the release of the Early Warm Riddim compilation in August 2021 there was a huge demand from fans of the riddim from different regions for a volume 2.
The riddim was in rotation in the UK, USA and in countries in Africa so the producer (ZigeDub Productions) heeded to the pressure and here is volume 2 with a set of talented voices.
The 8 track compilation opens up with with Trinidad's Jamelody with "Moving It On" a song he had in the locker for a while and found the right riddim to unleash it on.
Arguably one of the best reggae vocalists to come out of Trinidad. He burst onto the scene in 2008 with his debut album " Be Prepared" which had tracks like " Love Crazy" "Give Thanks" "Moving Away" and many more.
Ray Darwin popularly known for his hit track "Peoples Choice" released back in 2007, comes up next with "Always There For You" a song delivered in Falsetto which is not his normal singing style but decided to do something different.
UK based Tenna Star delivers a heart felt song entitled "Heaven", in many circles Tenna is compared to Jamaican singer Sanchez D due to his vocal style and similarity to the Jamaican singer. Always recording and reamining relevant in the UK reggae scene, this is just another quality song added to his list of quality songs.
USA born but UK based Rafeelya turns up with a fun song titled "The Early Earm" playing off the vibe and riddim name,describing what actually goes down during the Early Warm segment in a dance.
Rafeelya won Britains Got Reggae 2017 talent show and since then she has been going from strength to strength.
Slashe formely known as "Iceman" is a Jamaican based singer who is heavily associated with Donovan Germain at Penthouse Records comes with "Your Friend". This song can only be decribed as a "drama song", you just have to  listen to the lyrics and you will get my drift. Not sure if Slashe is talking from expirience I guess you will just have to ask him....well delivered song.
Jamaican based Jah Lil comes in with "My Room", popularly known for his well received "One Wrong One Right" in 2017 which was featured on Strictly The Best Vol. 50 (VP Records).
Jah Lil has a number of singles doing the rounds, songs like "Outside" "Human Race" and hopefully "My Room" will add to that list.
Harmony aka Derrick Campbell is next up with "I'm Never Gonna Break Your Heart" a smooth song delivered to perfection, the younger brother to one of UKs leading lovers rock artist Don Campbell. defintely following in the footsteps watch out for him.
To round off the compilation its Bryan Art with a reality song,the song has undertones of what a lot of people went through during the pandemic lockdown, loss of earnings and employement and basically a lot of economic strife.
Bryan is based in Jamaica and is very down to earth when it comes to song writing,showcased a lot in his previous works like "Knowledge is Power" and "Cant Cut Wi Vibes"
The Early Warm Riddim Vol 2 will be released in all digital stores on 14th January 2022


Instrumentation: Peter Hunningale
Mixing: Nereus Joseph
Mastering: ZigeDub