Release Date: 6/08/2021

The Inspiration behind the Early Warm Riddim is taken from the early music segments in Jamaican dancehalls where selectors would entice patrons to come into the dance with some sweet selections, whether it be revival songs, Studio One or just some  good Lovers Rock it basically set the mood for the rest of the night.
The compilation showcases talented vocalists from different backgrounds and different regions with their own intepretation of how the mood of the "Early Warm" should feel and sound like.
The compilation kicks off with Nigerian based Daddy West with a well delivered track entitled "Queen Of Glam". Known for crafting melodies he did not disappoint .
The second entry on the compilation by upcoming gospel sensation Ebiere (also based in Nigeria) can be taken as an answer track to Daddy West by listeners because of their similar singing styles. Ebiere puts down the gospel for a second and delivers a beautiful love song called " Super Hero".
Isha Blender the daughter of veteran Jamaican artist Everton Blender delivers a RnB influenced track with pulsalating vocals on "Kryptonite Love" definetly a song to watch out for.
Jah Device comes in with what can only be described as a coming out of pandemic
kinda vibe zoning in on the perilous times we find ourselves but always putting a positive spin. "Trying To Survive" comes in as the fourth track
Oge Kimono the daughter of Nigerian reggae legend Ras Kimono delivers a very personal song dedictated to her daughter, mothers around the world can relate to this song as the bond between mother and child is so real.
The first entry out of Jamaica comes from Publik Report with a well penned song entitled "Judge Me In Reality" unpackaging an aspect of relationships that is rarely spoken about.The insecure partner!!
When you come across a soulful voice you can only sit up and pay attention, Sabrina Diva who shuttles between Jamaica and United Kingdon delivers top of the range vocals on "Key To Your Heart"
if you ever needed a Love guide on how to treat your woman just listen to Santana's "Good Good Lovin". Santana who is Jamaican born but based in the United Kingdom is an artist who has been around the block and defintely an artist people need to check out more.
The compilation rounds up with tuff tracks from Shamir " Dive In", Taffari " I Love You" and WZDOM formely known as Jah Wiz " No Point Holding On
The Early Warm Riddim brings talented voices to new ears, the project is exciting and different so check it out.

Instrumentation: Peter Hunnigale
Mixing: Nereus Joseph
Mastering: ZigeDub