One of the best reggae acts out of Nigeria”

Stingray Records Introduces Jah Device

There's a lot to love about this 7 track EP by Jah Device, the least of which is not the fact that the work is powered by UKs leading recording label when it comes to reggae muisc , Stingray Records!!!But for the sheer fact that its just good music from start to finish.
For many Jah Device is new on the scene but believe you me he has been honing his craft for many years and it shows in his writing, his cadence, his delivery and more imporatantly his arrangments.
The Ray Of Light EP is a follow up of "Device The EP" which was released in 2016. The EP kicks off with a song dedicated to his empress entitled "Bless The Woman" which was also featured on the "On My Mind" riddim compilation released in April 2019. Obviously a personal song which anyone can relate to.
Next up is "You'll Be There Before You Know" which is already a favourite amongst DJs and Selectors who have been spinning a different mix of the song from the "Change My Mind" Riddim compilation released in August 2019.  The mix of the song on the EP offers a punchy alternative which many will love.
When liisteners hear the riddim track of "Wagon of Love" they will be pleasantly reminded of tracks done by Luicano "Come into My world" and Busman's "Tell Me Why" but this is a different take of the riddim with a unique horn section which gives a different feel to the riddim, with Device's melodic vocals its a great listen.
If you ever wondered what a reggae version of Barry White would sould like you need not wonder anymore, "Better Man" delivers this on a platter for you. This is a complete different side of Jah Device which many have not seen or heard and I urge you to kick back and listen keenly to it.
Next up is "Ships of Tarshish" which features "The Man From The East" Natty King, arguably the tune of all tunes on the EP. Those who are versed in scripture will know about the trading ships mentioned in the book of Ezekiel.
 A conscious song for conscious ears!!
Still on the conscious tip Device hits you with "Give Us We Book" which is a thought provoking song which elightens us on the stolen scroles arguement, Device definitely in his element on this track.
Rounding of the EP comes "Dare To Be Different" which brings back the "Complete Riddim" from 2010, the kinda song that make you wanna put your cares aside and dance. This is reggae music at its finest.
Feel free to take all 7 tracks to heart but be certain there is more in the locker from Jah Device so keep in tune.

Ray Of Light by Jah Device, Produced by Stingray Records
Release Date: 20th September 2019


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